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"The further you can stretch your marketing pounds to reach your target market, the higher the impact of your marketing message"


Successful companies are not just lucky – they know and understand the importance of good marketing. I devote countless hours to researching and seeking out different ways of marketing, that are not only fresh and innovative, but also effective in promoting businesses and organisations. Many other companies become too set in their marketing ways, and therefore do not choose to implement change, which leads to stagnant and predictable outcomes. I ensure that what I do is different, appealing and provides you with great outcomes, all at cost-effective prices.

Exhibit-A Marketing Advertising.

I offer a range of marketing and creative skills that could help your business grow in today's competitive world.


I create all my own artwork, meaning no third party costs. Many companies use stock templates and then charge a lot of money for them. An Exhibit-A advert stands out because the artwork is designed by me and is not available anywhere else.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, why waste valuable space on words?

Many companies sell the idea of social media as the holy grail of marketing. To ignore it would be a big mistake long term, but unless you devote the time and energy required to make it work, then stay clear!


Directing a customer to a page that has 6 followers and a last entry date that is several weeks or months old is not the best way to promote your business. Social media is just one of many marketing tools, and works when it is constantly maintained and updated. If you are going to  use it, make sure you use it correctly!

" When you stand still, your business stands still"

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