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• Easily Reach your audience and boost profits through increased exposure

• Let customers 'View Inside' before buying, thanks to the graphical element

• Reduce the cost of print, post and distribution

• Link to & from your website, so it is easy to distribute and access

• Search Engine Optimized

• Ideal for on line Menu's - it suits the layout.

• Copyright protection

• Performance Statistics - assess the impact an ebook has on your business

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Online Ebooks & Publications.


Online publishing is an ideal way of contacting your old and new customers, presenting your product in a new, interactive way, that really grabs their attention. One of the biggest benefits  is the departure from a traditional style of advertising. It allows for a lot of information to be presented in a magazine/book style format, and is coupled with impressive visuals that really catch the attention of your readers.


In short, online publishing  is an ideal way of presenting anything, such as Magazines, Brochures, Electronic Newsletters, Wedding Albums, Presentations  and even private CV's, it can simply be delivered by email, or even integrated into your website.


There are simply so many benefits of online publishing, It eliminates printing and distribution costs, makes your publication accessible to endless amounts of people on the internet, is environmentally friendly, and makes a striking impression whilst maintaining a professional look.

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If you are looking for a way to present a new or existing product and all at a very affordable price then look no further. Click on any of the covers on this page to experience some of my recent publications and if you like what you see and would like to know more, then please head to the contact page and drop me a line.


Just think, for the cost of a local advert, you could be reaching a much wider audience of potential customers.


Please note that some links in the above publications may not work as they are now out of date.

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